About These Projects:

With silver prints in hand,

the photographer wanders graveyards grand,

capturing gothic spirits in their stone repose,

eternal memories forever chose.

Through digital lens, he travels far

to castles grand, both near and far,

with each click, a tale is spun

of kings and queens, battles won.

But it's not just memories of the past,

that this artist makes sure will last.

With mind-bending AI at his command,

futuristic visions are now at hand.

In pixels and silver, through technology's might,

he captures the present and future in sight,

A true master of the photographic art,

Forever preserving the beauty of the heart.

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  • Made with:

    Canon T90 , Canon EOS 5DMIII , Old russian lenses & Carl Zeiss lenses , AI & Photoshop
  • Year:

    From 1992